“Serene kerala😎”

Lost amidst the quiteness of this place…such scenic beauty plush greens!coconut trees …embalming the lighthouse beach..kovalam.IMG_20180730_105841_460.had such a pleasant stay at the LEELA’S…IMG_20180731_113208_008our last stoppage for honeymoon diariesIMG_20180731_113243_875enjoyed sumptuous lunch at the lighthouse beach😋and strolled throughout the shopsIMG_20180731_121317_744…truly miss it whether it be the munnar ripleys tea garden.IMG_20180731_120846_054.or the beach cliff varkalaIMG_20180731_121613_581 each n every moment was so full of fun..IMG_20180730_154831_596.jpgTaj gateway hotel varkala😎😎

.Not to forget the  backwaters allepey..well me n my hubby didn’t take a ride..in the houseboat due to some oblivious reasons😉😉😉IMG_20180731_114836_000but we totally enjoyed it to the fullest…varkala was an experience..of life..such a cute small town type of beach IMG_20180731_131636_955IMG_20180731_122517_828the atmosphere was eccentric…loved the beach side tibetan shops…(shoppin ofcourse😊😊😊)shacks,evening music,IMG_20180731_131856_628IMG_20180731_122330_265the amazin view of sunsetIMG_20180731_131532_557didn’t feel like heading towards kovalam..but wohoohh…kovalam was ready to surprise me…n Ripley’s coffee..was some kind of an addiction for me..thanks to hubby dearest…💓💓💓💓💓💓

Echo point valley in munnar is accoustically inclined to reverberate the sounds that enter it.Legend goes that if it voice echoes thrice,you’ll get what u wish for.IMG_20180731_115817_349

Mattupetty lake is flanked by steep hills and woods created a small hydroelectricity damIMG_20180731_114734_164Idyllic allepey- venice of the east,a heartland of lagoons n mangroves.

“.lemon tree vembanad “- IMG_20180731_115923_341fun time playing pool wd hubby🤣🤣🤣🤣not knowin how to play still playin for God’s sake😄IMG_20180731_120016_991enjoyed some serenity…our room facing views😍😍IMG_20180731_122552_953IMG_20180731_121045_573when my hubby turned out to be a photographer(sarcassmmmm in it😅)IMG_20180731_123806_098well we had started our journey from munnar..hotel chandys windiwoods..on 14th Feb.

Breathtaking view with exotic luxury..laid against the sloping hills ..With so much peace only left with chirping of birds..indeed it was an awsome experience stayin hereIMG_20180731_125750_645IMG_20180731_120942_359IMG_20180731_123845_613where my hubby pretended to make this special table fr us..on the rooftop though it was done by the hotel staff as the venue was valentines🙄🙄🙄😄💘

Next day we spent the whole day sightseeing..dreamland munnar, rose garden,echo point…IMG_20180731_123953_798wish the sands of good times last forever..it was a trip of a life😚😚😚IMG_20180731_122427_755


Flagship brand of the handicrafts marketing wing of the Rajasthan small industries Corp ltd(RSIC).Brand provides a marketing umbrella to the artisans to showcase their craftsmanship at Rajasthani.You are exposed to an extravaganza of handcrafted products such as textile,furniture,blue pottery, paintings, silver and lac jewellery.

Here is a beautiful masterpiece …handcrafted earring holder with a jade of colours..💓IMG_20180729_105955_129